“Astitva” literally translates to “Existence”. Project Astitva is our Social Initiative to subtly enhance our existential realities towards a well-kept society. It is a cause we firmly believe in as it promises better civility for stronger societal foundations. Our faith lies in our torch bearers who would pledge to take up at least one of the several tenets that define the motto of Project Astitva.


Take that first step.

Take a Pledge.


Be a leader in

propagating the

cause you believe in.

Set an example.


Follow through

on your pledge by

implementing it as

part of your lifestyle.

We are here to support you. Our campaign for better “Astitva” starts

with your desire to make a change.

You can pick one or more of the below pledges and we will provide

you FREE car stickers (as illustrated in the slider above) to showcase your pledge.

Please provide the following details:

Your Pledge:

I pledge to not honkI pledge to keep the city cleanI pledge to obey the traffic rulesI pledge to plant a tree

If you pledge to do something different, contact us. We can do it together!

“Project Astitva” is not a project, it is a social movement. Come, let’s make it happen!